About Sally

Sally has been doing art for most of her life, initially painting on rocks and t-shirts as a teenager, and selling them at Paddington Markets in Sydney.

After re-kindling her artistic passion later in life, she first exhibited her work in 2005 at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood and has since sold many pieces.

Sally enjoys working with mixed media predominately using watercolours, ink, and acrylic paint pens.

She draws much of her inspiration from nature and also from people, but likes to interpret what she sees in many different ways. Her style varies from the impressionistic to quite abstract.

Sally currently co-facilitates Springwood Neighbourhood Centre’s Artscope, a group for people with a lived experience of mental illness with an interest in creative expression.

Sally is interested in being a part of all types of community projects that focus on bringing the benefits and joy of art to people of the Blue Mountains.


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Sally Gersbach, Blue Mountains Artist & Community Worker

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